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  • Zero to one hundred trips to Kish

    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish

    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish: Perhaps the first question that  comes to your mind is what is the attraction of Kish tour that everyone loves and it is full of tourists every year  .

     The main issue is the good climate of the island. Kish has a good climate except summer and is one of the best  opportunities for fun . Especially in winter, most cities in Iran have cold local weather , Kish is undoubtedly one of the few cities that has a very good climate  and is  very touristy.

    The city has many attractions for tourists . The most popular is Kish water sports . Activities such as diving, parasailing, scooters and shuttles are among the island’s water activities that may not exist in all cities of Iran, not even in coastal cities. Kish water recreation has made this island unique .

    Another essential issue about the attractiveness of the Kish tour is buying from large and luxury manufacturers . Kish as a free trade zone has global passages with manufacturers of different brands in the world.

     Shopping in Kish may be cheaper for you than in different cities, as goods in this area  are not taxed. There is an authorized ceiling for travelers to buy on this island, and you have to pay taxes to buy more than that . 

    When buying from Kish, be sure to be careful and ask for the prices of the products you need from different cities to search for the real value .

    Kish is also an old island and has vital historical landscapes .  The underground city of Kariz with a history of 2500 years and the old city of  Harireh with a history of 1000 years is one of the important historical attractions of this metropolis . Kish also has pristine landscapes such as the coral beach , deer park and..

    The best time to travel to Kish

    Kish has  tourists  almost all year round .  However, the best time to go to Kish is winter. Kish has hot weather . That’s why summers are so hot that not everyone can afford it .

    But those who want to travel with a cheap tour of Kish, choose this season  This season, Kish tours , plane tickets and accommodation prices have dropped significantly .

    Remember that all inns , passages and resorts of Kish have cooling services and if you do not want to walk on the street and by the sea , Kish summer tour can be a good choice . Especially that Kish summer competitions with happy and musical packages increase the attractiveness of the trip .

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    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish
    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish

    Travel expenses to Kish

    To travel to Kish , you can probably spend money and have a  luxury trip or plan your  trip with the least cost .

    Accommodation in guesthouses and native  houses  will reduce the cost of your stay . Conversely, if you choose luxury multi-star accommodation , you have to spend a lot .

    One way to reduce the cost of traveling to Kish is to travel to the island during off-peak times  . At this time , costs are greatly reduced. Buying a charter plane ticket and  a last minute tour can be a good opportunity to reduce your travel expenses .

    Plane tickets can have different prices depending on the class you choose. First-class tickets are the most expensive, followed by business-class flights that serve passengers with hot drinks and snacks. Economy tickets are the lowest priced, which usually includes drinks and cold food.

    The cost of  booking a hotel  and buying a plane ticket is the main cost of travel , but you should also consider the price of entertainment in Kish   Kish is expensive  entertainment , separate budgets should be considered for it.  In addition , meals have separate prices . Because most hotels in Kish only consider breakfast in the hotel.