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  • Online Ticket Refund Guide

    If you want to refund domestic and international plane tickets online, you can easily refund your ticket in a few simple steps using the video guide

    Step 1 – Login

    First, log in to the user account by entering the contact number and password (code sent via SMS to the user’s mobile phone)

    Step Two – Track Purchases

    After entering the user panel, select Purchase Tracking from the menu at the top of the page

    Step 3 – Select the desired flight for return

    Select the desired ticket based on the order number or search travel date and then select the refund request option

    Step 4 – Request a refund

    When the new window opens, the name of the passenger or passengers and the refund penalty will be displayed as follows, and you can specify the desired passenger and the reason for the refund

    Please note that you must contact the tourism experts before returning the floating system flights

    At this stage, two methods have been installed on the system to return the refunded ticket amount, which you can select to return the refunded ticket amount to the credit or card number announced

    In the final stage, after registering the request and performing the refund steps by the support partners and the relevant airline, according to the refund conditions of each ticket, the tourist will be informed as soon as the money is returned to the credit or passenger card