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  • Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world

    Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world

    A hotel ‘s star rating standards  are usually not fixed regardless of specific  patterns and may vary considerably . Hotels that are rated 5 stars in a developing country can be 3 or  4 stars in a developed country . However ,  7-star hotels are another issue that you may not have  encountered  before.

    The story of 7-star hotels is usually quite different . There may not be officially any 7-star hotels on earth . In fact , the  term was first used by a journalist to describe the Burj Al Arab Hotel . He believed that the name of this 5-star Emirati hotel was not honest compared to other luxury hotels , so he used the title of seven stars.

    Since Burj Al Arab was not the only hotel with very special and privileged options , the use of the title of 7-star hotel became very common  . Many seven- star hotels have a special location , distinctive structure , or other features not found in other hotels . In the following, we will introduce you to the most famous 7-star hotels that have been introduced so far.


     Rizot Hotel Laukala, Fiji

    Laukala Resort is located on one of the largest private islands on the planet and is an extremely luxurious place. Laukala Resort is in a very favorable geographical position and everything you count on on a memorable trip may be experienced here . From very clean landscapes and luxurious facilities to a quiet environment free from any crowds.

    This very expensive risotto   will cost tourists at least $ 4,200 a night  . However , it goes without saying that this luxurious residence is undoubtedly one of the famous places of entertainment for celebrities and many well-known personalities have spent their holidays in this residence.

    There are 25 private villas in the Laukala resort, of which the hilltop villa is actually the most well-known and most expensive overnight villa . The cost  of one night stay is $ 55,000.

    Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world?
    Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world?

    Emirates Palace Hotel, UAE

    The Emirates Palace, which opened in 2005 , is the most expensive hotel on earth after the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, which cost about $ 3 billion to build . 

    This price of overdevelopment has made us probably come across the most luxurious specs in every corner of the Emirates Palace. Some of the most special facilities of the Emirates Palace Hotel are : having 1.3 km of private beach , more than 1000 chandeliers made of Swarovski crystal, 114 large and small marble domes,  which are between 40 and 50 meters. Of course , do not forget to stay in this so-called 7 – star resort No comment will be cheap and you may even have to spend $ 11,000 a night inside the Emirates Palace.

    Emirates Palace Hotel
    Emirates Palace Hotel

    Burj Al Arab Hotel, UAE

     Once again , we reach Burj Al Arab, a 321-meter skyscraper that was unveiled in 1999 and is still the third tallest residence on Earth in 20 years . In the following, we will review some of the attractive options of Burj Al Arab, the first 7-star residence in the world . 

    In Burj Al Arab, visitors can order 17 types of pillows in its special menu The quilts used in Burj Al Arab are made  of swan feathers. However not every feather  From the Irish swans whose best type of quilt can be made from feathers .

    Along with the tower, an island built on the outskirts of Burj Al Arab is artificial . However , it takes much less time to build than you might think . Burj Al Arab was built for 5 years, of which two years were spent building the island and three years building the hotel .

    workforce of six is ​​responsible for decorating the lobby and guest room , using flowers loaded from the Netherlands, Thailand, Kenya and South Africa to the Burj Al Arab Hotel . In this way, visitors can identify their favorite flower before it arrives and face the desired view when entering the Burj Al Arab .

    Approximately 1,790 square meters of the Burj Al Arab is covered with 24-carat gold leaf , and more than 24,000 square meters of hotel and rooms are made of Statuario marble.

    Burj Al Arab Hotel
    Burj Al Arab Hotel

    Signal Hotel, South Korea

    Some of the features of Signal Hotel are very unique and are not found anywhere. Like the Signal Bar, which is known as the largest hotel not only in Seoul and South Korea but also in Asia, transportation by helicopter and the use of renowned chefs with the Michelin star are the other two outstanding features of this hotel.

    It is also good to know that by 2024, the challenge of developing the 512-meter Pentominium Hotel in Dubai is expected to be met , in which case Signal will face a strong commercial competitor .


    Paragraph Hotel, Georgia

    Seeing the name of Georgia in this article may seem strange to you but it is good to know that one of the newest  7-star hotels in the world is located in the coastal metropolis of Batumi, Georgia .

    Paragraph Hotel is built next to the Black Sea and has 220 rooms. There is a really huge aquarium in this residence that visitors can enter and swim with sharks, a 150 meter swimming pool , an artificial forest , a botanical garden , an indoor water park, a cinema, a zoo, a A spa, a tennis court and several other venues are the exclusive facilities of this hotel  .

    Paragraph Hotel
    Paragraph Hotel

    So, Pargraf Resort , like  the 7-star hotels  we talked about , has a lot of options , but when we want to identify one of the best and most unique features of Pargraf Hotel , it’s unbeatable price  .

    In fact, the Paragraph Hotel may be the only place that has the facilities of a 7-star resort , however it costs as much as a typical hotel in New York. There are also prices below 100