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  • Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, Shiraz

    Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is one of the beautiful and magnificent historical monuments of Shiraz from the Qajar period, perhaps less known to many. The size of this building compared to other mosques, such as Vakil Mosque or New Shiraz Grand Mosque, is not very large, but in terms of architecture, it is so beautiful and elegantly […]

    Where is the house of Zinat al-Muluk

    Where is the house of Zinat al-Muluk? Zinat al-Muluk House has a special place in attracting tourists among all the extraordinary attractions, each of which is located in a corner of Shiraz, due to its calm atmosphere and unique art and architecture. Who is the adornment of kings  ? Zinat al-Muluk was one of the […]

    همه چیز درباره نقش رستم

    Everything about Naqsh-e Rostam

    Everything about Naghsh-e Rostam  : Fars province, a province that every wajib of it will delight you with a beautiful attraction. Go straight to the sights around Shiraz. The attraction we are going to talk about is one of the most historical antiquities of Shiraz. Where in a way the history of Iran is buried. you guessed right! Today we […]

    راهنمای سفر به مشهد

    Travel guide to Mashhad

    Travel guide to Mashhad : Mashhad is the second most populous city and now it has become a metropolis and also due to being a pilgrimage city and the eighth brightest star in the sky, the province has a lot of travelers. Of course, the tourist city of Mashhad has many spectacular attractions that make the […]

    Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world

    Do you know the 7 star hotels in the world A hotel ‘s star rating standards  are usually not fixed regardless of specific  patterns and may vary considerably . Hotels that are rated 5 stars in a developing country can be 3 or  4 stars in a developed country . However ,  7-star hotels are another issue that you may not have  encountered  before. The story of 7-star hotels is usually quite different . There may not be officially any 7-star hotels on earth . In fact , the  term was first used by a journalist to describe the Burj […]

    صفر تا صد سفر به کیش

    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish

    Zero to one hundred trips to Kish Zero to one hundred trips to Kish: Perhaps the first question that  comes to your mind is what is the attraction of Kish tour that everyone loves and it is full of tourists every year  .  The main issue is the good climate of the island. Kish has a good climate except summer and is one of the best  opportunities for fun . Especially in winter, most cities in Iran have cold local weather , Kish is undoubtedly one of the few cities that has […]

    Winter Travel Selection Guide

    Guide to choosing a foreign trip in winter : In winter, the best foreign trips include various foreign tours to countries with hot and cold climates. Enjoy traveling to cold regions in winter or, conversely, traveling to countries with warm temperatures is quite a taste. In this article, in online travel , we tried to list the most popular and […]

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